About Fitness Calculators


The idea of this application has been something I have wanted to make for awhile. Whenever I am at the gym, I have to do quick math to figure out exactly what is on the bar or what I need to put. You can see how much weight each plate puts on the bar here.

If you are curious on much is on the bar already or you walk past someone and they are repping weight you can see what it is here.

Running and Pacing

Running outside or running on a treadmill always give different paces. A treadmill is measured in MPH (not all but most); while running outside the pace is given in minutes and seconds. Click here to see how they calculate into each other.

Personal Records | PR

Hitting your personal best is quite the accomplishment. However, you can set targets. The target of a certain weight is not accomplished by trying it immediately. The weight is something that is built up to. Click here to see how you can reach 100% of your goal.

Contact Us

If you have questions, concerns, or recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me at here.

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